Safe Interaction Panels

Greenscape is offering two lines of acrylic panels to use as personal protection shields in your office, retail or public space. Both systems will block air born germs, has clear and smooth surfaces that are quick and easy to clean and disinfect and portable and easy to move to suit your changing needs.   

Premium line uses clear 1/4" thick acrylic panels and lightweight aluminum frames or painted MDF feet, with single pass throughs for countertop style. Available for contactless pickup or curb side delivery 1-2 weeks from ordering. 

Economical options use all 1/8" clear laser cut acrylic with acrylic base feet. Options to add pass through's, speaking holes, laser-engraved logos and adhesive decal logos. Typically available for contactless pickup or curb side delivery within 3 days from ordering. 

Our line of personal protective panels are safeguard barriers to protect and create a secure layer between people, promoting a safe physical separation in your space and promotes safe interactions between your clients and employees. Suitable for all spaces, perfect for quick safety solutions for restaurants and food preparation, retail spaces and office spaces, and any space open to the public requiring safe distancing barriers.